Absolute Yoga


We live in a fast-paced world where everything demands our attention. We have so little time to focus on what is most essential in our lives after we spend time on job and family.
People are straining to keep up with all that is happening in their lives at the same time. As a result, people must compromise one area of their lives in order to devote more time to the other.

This booklet will teach you how to obtain optimum health, mindfulness, and spiritual enlightenment through a method that has been used for over 5,000 years.

Topics covered:

-5 reasons why you want to practice yoga now
Interesting scientific research findings on yoga that will blow your mind
-The 7 spiritual laws of yoga to achieve spiritual consciousness
-How yoga can help you take greater control of your thoughts, feelings, and life in general
-Develop the ultimate strength & flexibility of a gymnast with yoga
-Do you think yoga is too ‘girlie’? check this out (chapter 4)
-Do you need to be flexible before you can do yoga? answer in (chapter 4)
-Unleash your mental superpowers with yoga practice
How yoga can help you with weight-loss and maintain a healthy heart
-9 types of yoga for you to choose from (with different benefits and different levels)
-How practicing yoga will strengthen your immune system (scientific research-backed proof!)
-Specific yoga poses for decreasing inflammation, release common cold and bronchial congestion (chapter 7)
-9 easy yoga poses for you to get started
-7 healthy benefits of meditation
-How to meditate mindfully with yoga